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Beauty of Time is my first proper solo album and was inspired initially by the handpan

the Hang. A beautiful melodic instrument which produces a hypnotic and calming sound.

Initially an instrumental album it has evolved over time to feature

3 different singers and many different wonderful musicians.

The musicians performing on this CD collectively have played with artists such as

Massive Attack, Take That, Jethro Tull, Bill Withers, Bootsy Collins, SIA, Jimmy Page

and Robert Plant, The Groove Collective, Gary Bartz, Yehudi Menhuin and many more.

The music has a organic, jazzy, calming and ambient sound to it

with the common thread weaving throughout being the hang.

Andy Glass the producer and mixer who worked tirelessly on the album used to say

‘Its good medicine”. I hope that’s the case for the listeners too! 

The CD and gatefold sleeve vinyl, both with different inner sleeve artwork,

is available now and is on the highly respected label 33 Records.

The covers feature sublime artwork by my good friend the photographic artist

Allan Forsyth whose work is displayed all over the world. Allan  and I worked

closely together on the artwork with Allan producing many stunning images

to fit with the music and the difficulty was choosing which

ones to use as they were all amazing.

There is also two videos featured on this site made by Carl Mason

who is a fantastic young up and coming film maker who has over a

million views for an award winning documentary he made and

has also lectured at Harvard University whilst

barely out of his teens.

One of the  main things with this CD that I am so proud of is

the wonderful creativity that has evolved from the performances

and collaborations with my favourite musicians and artists which

has made this album so special to me. I hope you enjoy it.

Please see below some links to some of the wonderful people involved.





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