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My career has taken on all aspects of the music industry. Early days were in pop bands signed to Virgin and EMI, touring all over the world and recording at iconic studios such as Abbey Road in London and Sigma Sound in Philadelphia. I then moved to Australia and produced a huge body of work including remixes for Neil Finn, Bobby McFerrin and Josh Abrahams (Addicted To Bass) amongst many others. I was signed to Sony Australia for the release of APRA nominated album The Lords Garden-Journeys and also to Sony Publishing. APRA awards are Australia's version of the Brit awards. I had releases on Phonogram for a project called Sons Of Invention, producing albums for other artists signed to Virgin and EMI and my first album production for Virgin was nominated for an APRA award. TV work followed with music being used on many popular shows such as Neighbours and Home and Away.

A move back to the UK soon took me touring in Japan with the House of Love and back to Australia with acclaimed classical guitarist Slava Grigoryan.

I am based in Bedfordshire, have a busy drum teaching schedule and am working on a live show to promote Beauty Of Time so watch this space.


Jimmy Page

& Robert Plant




The Lords Garden


Bobby Mcferrin


3 Sticks





I teach students spanning all ages from 5 to 75. My main goal is to inspire my students to be the best player they can be and to have a curiosity about playing the instrument and a love of music of all genres. Of course good technique, an understanding of musical notation and good timekeeping are all important but I have found from many years of teaching that if the curiosity about learning to play and a love for music is in the forefront then the rest will follow.

I try to get my students to play along to music from the  very early learning stages and find this helps understand the importance of time keeping and is  also basically great fun and inspiring.As I like to say the drummer is the foundation from which most music is built on and without a good foundation the house will not stay up etc.

   I Have studied drums with the late great Kenny Clare who was described by Joe Morello(Dave Brubeck) as the best jazz drummer in England. Joel Rothman who is a world  renowned teacher and author of almost a hundred drum tuition  books. Sam Catchlove a specialist in latin rhythms and my first drum teacher and big influence on me as my first drum tutor. I also had a short stint at Drum Tech with Francis Seriau in there early days.

I have studied Tabla with the incredible Peter Lockett who is undoubtedly one of the best and most successful Tabla players in the world. More recently I enjoyed a personal masterclass with Felix Rohner the creator along with Sabina Scharer of the

Pan Art Hang in Bern, Switzerland which was a wonderful and insightful experience.

I am available to teach Drums, tabla or Hang, the melodic hand pan from my soundproof Home studio, which is equipped with two drum kits, percussion, hang, tabla and facilities to record. I am based in Bedfordshire.





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